Step 8

Naturally make the hair and the makeup an outfit complete! It is just as important as the outfit you choose. I personally love many styles, with each outfit something else.
Personally, I like very much of things we do not see often, and very innovative is. My grandmother and I Often think of new hairstyles and I want to share this with you. I want to teach you how you can make this hairstyles. My first hair that I chose ,did I call the envelope.

What do you need?
– Hairspray (dearest extra strong)

How to make the envelope?
Step 1: Comb your hair completely.
Step 2: Tease the entire hair, picking for picking.
Step 3: Comb the entire hair pulled back and make everything right.
Step 4: Comb the hair to one side, so you have all the hair on one side. Then insert pins in it so it stays nice.
Step 5: Then you make an envelope of your hair .
Step 6: Put in different places the Push-Pins in it hair.
Step 7: Work then everything nicely out and spray a lot of hairspray in your hair so that everything remains.
Step 8 : Ready!

Pictures made by : Jennifer Penders

Step 2
Step 4 

Step 5
                                        Step 7
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  1. Minh Nguyen
    25 February 2013 at 23:19 (5 years ago)

    It is beautiful I love it! <3


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