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Hope you are doing well. We are finally back in Amsterdam after our trip to Helsinki. Here I had some great business meetings with a very nice brand, hopefully I can tell you more about this collaboration soon. I have to say I was very curious to visit Helsinki and didn’t really know what to suspect. When I arrived at the airport I thought, this is the middle of nowhere… It was also very cold and grey. After I took a cab, I saw some beautiful buildings and nature, which I really liked. I directly had some important business meetings, so I didn’t have time to walk around and do some sightseeing. After a busy day I came back to my hotel, the hotel was called GLO Art hotel. Not really liked this hotel that much, so if you ever plan to go to Helsinki please book for example Hotel Kamp or the Lilla Roberts hotel. After checking in I prepared myself for a walk, to explore the city center. The city is very beautiful and you have very nice places to do a drink or bite. I will make a blog with my favorite hotspots later this week! During the period of April I should not really advice you to visit Helsinki, it’s to cold and there is nothing much to do if you ask me. I think the city is much nicer in the sun, when people finally can do a drink outside, but in all cases was it a great experience for me.

”Pleasure may come from illusion, but happiness can come only of reality.”

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