Hi dolls, how are you guys? Good news! Last week we photographed a lot of new outfits included this one, which I will publish in the coming days, so stay tuned! Now you might ask yourself, what is she working on? Perhaps you remember that I wrote about a potential collaboration with a Brand from Helsinki in one of my previous blogs? This was in the beginning of May, well great news, we have started the collaboration! My agency has started to introduce Andiata, a beautiful elegant brand with a 30 year fashion history from Helsinki, for the first time in the Dutch market. I was very excited about this collaboration, because I strongly believe in the quality, their craftsmanship, feminine style and elegance. Before we started this partnership, we had to organize a million things; visit Andiata in Helsinki, check the quality, check if our partner-retailers liked the brand, negotiate the terms and conditions etc. But ones all of that was arranged we started our sales process and scheduled meetings with our network of stores who are interested in Andiata. Both in Den Bosch and Amsterdam we organized special showrooms for our top clients. The great news for the Dutch fashionista’s is that Andiata will soon be available in a bunch of Dutch stores! More about this and the locations will follow in my next blog!

Now about this look: today I’m wearing my favorite new Ylona coat from my favorite new brand Andiata. Andiata was established in 1986 in Helsinki, Finland. Andiata’s clothes are created for the modern woman, a trendy look that allows you to be both beautiful and comfortable at the same time on all occasions. Andiata’s recognizable fashion touch, clean feminine cuts and excellent fits attract women of all ages. This coat is perfect for both, business and pleasure. I’m in love with this coat! I made the look complete with a white trouser and slik blouse from Edith & Ella. What do you think about this look?

”I never dreamed about success . I worked for it.”

The look: Coat Andiata, Trouser Edith & Ella, Blouse Edith & Ella & Shoes Jimmy Choo.

Photographer: Maria Cavali

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