Oh, how I wish this coat of Veronica B Vallenes was mine. Never heart of Veronica B Vallenes? Then first go check out the website before you read any further. You just have to meet this brand. The amazing Norwegian designer is quickly conquering the hearts of many international customers. Her latest collection has even been published in fashion magazines as Vogue, Dazed & confused, Glamour and Elle.

But to get back at the topic I was talking about; the coat. It perfectly resembles a mix of casual and chic, with the long and oversized fit that almost touches your ankles. Who wouldn’t look beautiful in it? And then I haven’t even spoken about how comfortable it is. It gets you right trough these cold days.

In the photo I combined it with a basic dress (also Veronica B Vallenes) in a beautiful shade of blue, my hair tightly backwards in a ponytail and with one of my favorite red lipstick. The shoes of Sacha totally finish the look. There are many more ways of combining this coat, but I’m sure you as fashionista already have a million options in your head for it.

Strolling around the canals of Amsterdam I couldn’t help myself taking a quick snapshot, capturing this wintery photo below. How are you handling the cold days?

‘’A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.’’

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