Do you know that feeling? You wake up and just know your whole outfit right away. It’s just a feeling, a sort of fashion mood. Well, today for me typically was a Britt Sisseck kind of day. I woke up and just knew it; my outfit for that day would be the brown leather pants fashionably combined with the striped jacket, styled with my own black stiletto heels. And there it was, an amazing outfit ready to start the day.

 Until now I especially stressed the blouses of Britt Sisseck, as they are the main product in her collections. But as you can see Britt also knows how to shine in the area of pants and jackets. This outfit makes sure even in colder days, as we know many living in the Netherlands, to look absolutely fashionable. And, with the sun carefully making its comeback, we can start dreaming about the Spring already. This amazing Spring/Summer collection of Britt Sisseck surely helps me a little with it.

”I build my own reality. I have created my own system that let’s me sort out my life. I enjoy the luxury of being at the centre of this complete universe that’s mine.”

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