Don’t we all love a classic dress. I know I do. A long dress, ending just above your ankles, closing high at the neck but yet still emphasizing those feministic aspects by the use of refined details. However, within the classic fashion styles not only long dresses are in the spotlight, oh no no. Likewise for the ‘I feel a lot more womanlike in a shorter, more revealing dress’ type of woman Shopyte has lots of choice.

Never heard of Shopyte? Let me tell you a bit more about the brand itself. Three words that are central at Shopyte are quality, femininity and sustainability. And, as every dress is made by them themselves, from the first touch on paper to the final stitch of material, quality is guaranteed.

” When designing each collection, I see the unpredictable and dimensional city muse, moving through her day with grace and ease, at work, at play, with herself, with her family… She is comfortable within and has worked hard to be here ”

So, are you a Blair Waldorf kind of girl and do you love to dress to impress? Than go ahead and take a look on the Shopyte webshop. You won’t regret it.


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