Happy 2018 guys! Hope you all had amazing holidays. December is always one of the busiest and most special months of the year. Not only because you need to close down another year and get ready for a new year, but also because you need to prepare a lot for Christmas and Ny’s eve. Actually I’m a big fan of December, I love hectic days and spending time with my family and friends. At Christmas we can finally put our work for two days away and spend all the time we have with the people we love! That’s why we organized this year a very cozy dinner with 6 dishes and great wine, to celebrate life. What did you do with Christmas?  Today 2 January, we are already in 2018 and that means lot’s of things to do to make this year even more perfect! A great start is half of the battle. Exactly I can say 2017 was a great year, a lot of dreams came true and I’m totally ready for 2018, let’s make this year even better! New year, new feels, new chances. Same dreams, fresh starts. Let’s make 2018 magical!The Look: Suit Britt Sisseck, Shoes Vintage, Earrings Cristina Ramella and Blouse Britt Sisseck.

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