Hello Wednesday! Hope you all had a fantastic week so far:). Here in the NAIM Agency office we have been busy with the preparations for our influencer lunch in cooperation with a jewelry brand called Juulry. For this event we have invited a selected group of bloggers who fit with the image of the brand. During a delicious lunch on Sunday 26th November, the influencers get to know everything about Juulry and get the change to build up a long term cooperation.

Juulry is a brand founded by Juul in Amsterdam, who puts all her inspiration from travels, ideas and fantasies into her jewelry collections. Juulry’s jewelry has a minimalist look with different geometric shapes, which is now a days very popular if you ask me. Juulry is crowing with the days more and you can find the jewelry in many stores. Juulry: “We have to enjoy every day, so why not enrich yourself with beautiful jewelry. We totally agree.

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