November! Finally we are back in the office to write a new post for the blog. In September I was on my latest relaxing holiday and exactly I need one again… Like everybody knows in the fashion industry, are October and November very hectic months with a lot of things to do before we can start with a new season, the Autumn/ Winter 2018. The latest month I have been busy with a lot of new things that are coming for Supongo Estilo and NAIM Agency. For example we are getting some very nice new brands in our agency, were we were in contact with a long time. Next to that do we organize a nice amazing event in cooperation with Juulry on 26th November, more about this I will tell you in another blog. As well as we are very busy with some very nice campaign shoots for magazines and brands (some excited stuff is coming this way)! The next coming days we are busy with getting everything ready for the Autumn/ Winter season which we will start with in December. If, you are living an entrepreneur life you are never having enough time… It’s very important that you use every minute right!

”A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

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