After a relaxing weekend (the first weekend in while, that I didn’t have to work) we are back in the office. It’s February that means that we are busy with the sales for the Autumn, Winter 2018/ 2019 collections. I have to say; that all the collections looks very promising!

For this season one of our newest brands Britt Sisseck came up with a fantastic new collection! The shirt collection by Britt Sisseck has been developed from a long-standing relationship with her clients, understanding their special requirements for both day and evening wear. A choice of stylish blouses and tops proved to be a recurring demand from her customers, which led to the launch of a blouse collection. Her collections apply the finest Italian cottons and silk.

In Britt Sisseck’s Autumn Winter 2018/2019 collection you will find her main product, blouses, supplemented with a fine combination of dresses, and wide-fitting pantaloons. The prints vary from simplistic and basic to very colorful. So again, a wide range of choice. Click here to see the Britt Sisseck’s Autumn Winter 2018/2019 collection.

In the next few days I will tell you more about the other collections that we have in our showroom and all the excited things I’m busy with. Wishing you guys a wonderful week and never forget to enjoy life!

“If you aren’t willing to work for it. Don’t complain about not having it.”

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