The Look: Skirt Chicwish, Top Versace, Sunglasses Prada, Shoes Wehkamp, Necklace Swarovski & Bag Sandro Paris.

While everybody is enjoying their last holiday days, we are back in the office after such a hectic week! The last few days we were very busy with visiting clients, showing the collections from the brands that I represent in my showroom, having a very excited shooting for a secret project and getting ready for my next trip to Spain. Now back to reality! You are wondering yourself, how the days look like when you are visiting clients? Well we are showing the new Spring Summer 2018 collections from the brands that we represent in the Benelux. If these clients like those collections, you guys can buy it next Spring Summer in the stores. It all depends on their needs, wishes, budget and of course the quality and look from the collection. The last few days we had over the 40 meetings, so you can imagine how busy I’m. Some of those clients prefer that we are coming to their shops, but the best is if they are coming to the showroom to get the feeling by the collections. The shooting that we had for a very nice new project, was very hectic and totally not like we planned, but nice at the end. We had planned this shoot at the Amstelpark with the beautiful windmill, unfortunately it was raining the whole day and we had not really a back up plan like a photo studio. After all we shot the six looks like we supposed to do and did the hard work pays off (even in the rain), because the pictures are looking very promising and nice! More about this soon.

Today I’m also busy with getting ready for my next trip to Spain, I will partner up with the best luxury hotels from Mallorca, so you guys can read all about this after this little break in September.

”Entrepreneurs don’t finish when we are tired. We finish when we are done.”

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