We are preparing for a new fashion season and that means new collections, new styles, samples and of course a lot of new meetings. I must admit that the brands we represent have done a great job!  We have now seen some previews of the Spring Summer collection of 2018 which are awesome and of course in line with the identity of brand.

Next to the new collections of the brands we have done a make-over ourselves! I thought it was time to give my agency a more corporate and fashionable look, so I gave it twist here and there. You might want to check it out on http://www.naimagency.com. You will find a new look-and-feel to the website and new brands.

Next week I’m flying again for an important business meeting with one of my potential new clients! This potential client is a smoking hot, recently new, but booming brand from Oslo for young trendy and powerful women. I am sure the Dutch market is waiting for them and I am thrilled to introduce them!

Today I’m wearing a colorful summer dress which is perfect for the current hot weather in the Netherlands. This red summer dress goes hand in hand with my butterfly heels. Due to the workload I’m not really able to enjoy the sun or beach, but in the evening I love driving on my scooter through the streets of Amsterdam or take some time to relax near the water. Well that’s the life of a young entrepreneur!

”Every day is a new beginning stay away from what might have been and look what can be.”

The Look: Dress Ana Alcazar & Shoes Jimmy Choo.

Photographer: Maria Cavali.

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