My last blog post was about my trip to Norway, where I was meeting a new brand in the capital, Oslo. I am really thrilled to officially announce our cooperation with Iben and tell you more about them. But first I have to mention that I was very impressed by the beauty of Oslo, the surrounding nature and the very friendly people. The city is filled with beautiful architecture, trendy people, great stores and nice restaurants that inspired me! I would really recommend you to visit Oslo.Now back to fashion. If you are looking for the new upcoming fashion brand that will be a big hit in 2018, then Iben must definitely be on top of your list. A few months ago I spotted this brand and fell immediately in love with their unique modern approach of creating a strong and cool identity of a woman at the same time. So I thought, this is going to be it, I must work together with them and so I contacted them! After we had touched base and I visited the team (which was an inspirational event on its own because of Anh-Marthe Storheil’s (owner) leadership, she and her team learned me a lot) we were sure that we could build the brand together in The Netherlands. So, now I can happily announce that Iben is part of the NAIM Agency portfolio of brands!

“ Iben is strong and modern. She represents a girl that treasures an effortless way of dressing cool. Comfortable, clean, androgynous hinted pieces of high quality that are wearable and easily defines her style. Inspired by journeys, urban living and vintage nostalgia. Iben dares to dress the way her mood dictates, not obsessing over common norms and rules.”

After my trip I immediately continued to work on the sales for our brands. We are now booking meetings with retailers to show the spring summer collections of 2018. On the PR side we promoted the DIF Catwalk show last Sunday, which was a great success. Nine different upcoming designers showed their collections for a diverse fashion crowd, you will find some nice pictures of this event on my instagram. And on the shooting side, we organized some great new high end fashion shoots for the Autumn/ Winter 2018 collections which will be published in magazines, so stay tuned! To follow my daily activities please add me on Instagram. Have a blessed night and don’t forget to always do what you love and with all your heart. X M

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