Hi guys happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I’m just back in the office and found finally some time to write this post about my favorite hotspots in Helsinki. After you read my other blog My trip to Helsinki I promised to make a blog about the hotspots in Helsinki. Like I told you didn’t I really like my hotel GLO Art hotel… That’s why I should advise you Hotel Kamp (the most classy in town) or Lilla Roberts hotel (very modern). During my stay there was nothing much to do in Helsinki, maybe also because I arrived on Monday and left on Wednesday… But mostly even in this kind of cities there are places where it is more lively, because also working people like to relax and enjoy! It’s important that you know which places you need to visit, because all the places are very expensive and you don’t want to feel ripped. Please find my list below:


  • Hotel Kamp: The most classy in town, they are also having a very nice bar to do a drink. 
  • Hotel Lilla Roberts: A very modern hotel, which is very near to all nice the places.


  • Juuri: The best restaurant in town, lovely atmosphere, great prices and delicious food +8!
  • The cock: Nice place for lunch or doing a drink. Don’t go here for dinner.
  • Capelli restaurant: This place is really touristic and expensive, but you need to check this place out for a little drink. It’s a very beautiful building and there are always people around.
  • Trillby and Chadwick: This is a hidden door bar, so you first need to find the location. One of my favorites for doing a cocktail, such a nice concept!
  • Latva: Nice wine bar (is from the same owner as restaurant Juuri).
  • Finlandia Caviar: If you like caviar you need to check out this place.
  • Market hall: Nice to get some little snacks or going for a drink. You also can buy here alcohol (they may not sell it in the supermarket).
  • Rusty bar: It’s nice to go here in the later evening! Sometimes they have a band or singer, so people can dance!
  • Pastics & le petit restaurant: Very nice French restaurant.
  • Soumelinna Island: You can visit this beautiful island with the ferry. If you are one day in Helsinki you definitely should check this island out. They have amazing nature and some nice caves that you need to see.
  • Kiasma: Modern art museum, very nice if you have some time to visit it and if you like modern art.
  • Kampii Chapel of silence: Such a beautiful chapel, you need to see it.


  • GLO Art hotel: I didn’t like this hotel that much, people at the reception where not friendly and the cleaning was not good at all. The only thing that I liked; it was very near the city center.
  • Supermarkets: If you like wine or alcohol: They may not sell any alcohol in the supermarkets.
  • Restaurant Lappi: It’s a Finnish restaurant, but very touristic.
  • Local taxi drivers; The local taxi drivers are not nice at all, you feel ripped after your tour. If you like to take a cap I will advice you to use the Uber app.

If you ask me you need to explore every city once in your life!

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